Did you know we’ve been on YouTube since 2006? In 16 years we have come a long way. And since we reached 1,000 subscribers in early 2022, we want to show you our way!

IPGAMES was previously created under the name IPSERVER, which we changed in 2020 to better target the name. It was created by two best friends who call themselves Ingnition and Papaya. Their friendship lives to this day, as does this channel, which is one of the oldest gaming youtube channels in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

This channel has alternated almost all possible game and video genres, from vlogs, entertainment videos, gameplay, trailers to IRL videos. We are currently focusing on epic stunt videos or gaming experiences. We try to combine professional shots with the luxurious graphic design of the entire IPGAMES.

Playing games is our lifelong passion, we make videos with love because we enjoy it and we want to show it to you.

Thank you for being a part of us, our community, our lifelong project.

Ingnition & Papaya

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